iStat Vball 3

A powerful, intuitive, sports statistics engine for recording and analyzing volleyball stats

Stat Recording Interface

The recording interface was our biggest design challenge, and the most important single aspect of the app — users spend the most time on this screen, and each button serves a critical function in the process of live-recording stats.
To create a sense of structure and mirror the layout of actual volleyball courts, we locked the UI into a symmetrical design with interface elements corresponding to team positioning on the court.
A blue and white color system was used to indicate single tap vs long tap buttons, with green and red serving as functional colors.

Card Designs

Unlike earlier versions of the app, which used a conventional, folder-like structure to navigate data and user settings, we built the new interface around a system of tappable "cards." The visual impact of the cards lent a human approach to the data-heavy nature of the app, and gave us a responsive layout system to fit a range of different screen sizes and orientations.

Visual Language

Using Material Design language as a starting point, we created a comprehensive style guide breaking down typography, color systems, and visual placements.

After 7 years, it was time for an app overhaul that focused on a fresh design and an improved user experience.

Layout Guidance

Throughout the app we broke down spacing guidelines for the development team through annotated overlays — every pixel counts.

Attention to Detail

We also created nuanced spec sheets detailing type sizes, styles and specific placements.

Fluid Interactions

To give context to user interactions we built custom animations in after effects. Detailed notes on timing, paths, and behaviors were delivered to the dev team.

Available for Android and iOS

Check it out in the iOS app and Google play stores.