Aura Identity

Aura is a boutique, members only, airline offering “5-Star” service, unparalled comfort and unique amenities on flights to select destinations in the US.


Aura wanted something unique. Without sacrificing simplicity, the logo needed to stand out from competitors while showing a level of sophistication and creativity.
We used a variety of references as inspiration. Looking at the plane interior we noticed the shapes within its beautifully crafted “zero gravity” seats reminded us of a the delta wing shape and a runway stretching into the horizon. To our team this embodied key Aura traits like movement and upward mobility, and laid the logo foundation. The final logo represents Aura’s aspiration to reach new heights of service within the aviation industry.

The View from Above (Seeing the big picture)

With logo in hand, we expanded the visual language to all aspects of the travel experience. The goal was to reimagine the Golden Age of Flight remixed with a modern sensibility and a pop of personality. The combination of bold and distinct typography, a contemporary color palette and art deco inspired logo patterns create a design system that can adapt to different elements across Aura's brand from the jet exterior to luggage tags.

Aura is a new kind of airline for people who "get" travel. Real comfort is more than extra legroom.

In-flight Communication

Working closely with the folks at Aura, we developed a positioning statement that showcases what will set them apart from other luxury airline companies. Now, people internally and externally know exactly how Aura plans to switch up the scene.
Internal and external communications are a key part of Aura’s launch strategy, so it was important to make sure the tone fit their brand personality. We provided sample tone statements and used feedback from Aura to create a casual yet refined tone that speaks to their clients.


Our work for Aura delivered a solid branding foundation to set them up for success as they prepare their launch.

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